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Blogmas Day 11 | The Parcel by Marie Claire - Summer 2014

Yesterday, the postwoman came to the door and made my day. The Parcel! I've been so excited to get this since my last delivery, that I struggled -- so, so much -- to finish folding the laundry before I opened it up! I know it's been possible to see at least some of the items in the box, but I've avoided it all possible costs because I love being surprised. I was really hoping that there wouldn't be any tanning items, because although many women self-tan (according to the internet) I'm just not into it -- and luck was on my side!

So, ready to a take a peek at what's inside my box?

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream || This particular product doesn't really excite me, mostly because I've already got a sample that I'm trying to get through. Truth be told, despite its supposedly legendary reputation, I've never actually been too sure what you're supposed to use it for. The card inside finally gave me some idea -- you put it on chapped, peeling, and/or sunburnt skin! (How did I not figure this out earlier?!) A full-sized version of this is $25 and I got a little 15ml tube, making it worth $7.50.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser for Face and Eyes || Philosophy is a brand that I see pop up every now and again my feed, and lately I've wanted a bit of a no-fuss cleanser to help with my lazy attitude towards skincare. I like that this says you can use it around your eyes, but let's be honest, I probably would've used it around there anyway (fie upon thee, Sarah!). A 90ml bottle of this is $15 and I got a little 30ml sample, putting this at around $5.

Essie All In One 3-Way Glaze || I'd heard from someone that Essie was supposed to be included in this box, so I as really excited to see this is my box! There were three possible options for the top coat in this box, and I got the All In One -- and I'm quite glad about, but I've already got No Chips Ahead and I think it does nothing for me. You can use this as both a base coat and a top coat, which is great because I've been meaning to get a base coat for a while. Essie wouldn't have been my first choice, but I'm quite interested to see how it goes. I got a full-size product, worth $17.95.

Essie Nail Polish in "Fifth Avenue" || I did not know how much I needed this red until I saw it. I want to say that it's slightly tomato-y, or that it has a hint of coral in it, but once again my Padawan eyes fail me. This red is, in my opinion, the most perfect summer red that I've ever come across. I got a full-sized bottle worth $16.95. I need this on my nails. Now.

Jergens Ultra Healing Body Moisturiser || Jergens isn't a new brand, by any means, I'm sure I've seen it sold at Priceline or some such place -- but apparently this moisturiser is brand-new to the Australian market. It's supposed to help repair, heal and nourish extra dry skin -- dry skin isn't a problem that I really deal with, but my legs to sometimes get a bitch scratchy after I shave, so I think I'll keep it around to use on them. I got a 100ml bottle worth $5.99.

Revlon Age Defying CC Cream in "Medium" || Revlon is a brand that seldom impresses me. They're too expensive for me to be constantly buying-and-trying, but the shadows I have don't work for me and the mascara I have doesn't work for me. I have a lip gloss that's nice and a couple of nail polish top coats, but I don't often reach for them. Having light-medium skin, this might be a bit too dark for me, but I'm not going to know until I get it on my face! I might try mixing it with a little of my Garnier BB Cream, and see if that evens it out a little more. This is a full-size product worth $26.95.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye || Whoop whoop, some serious high end booty! I love Estée Lauder products, but due to their price I've always restricted myself to their glorious crayon eyeliner. This may need to change real soon. This product to help with under-eye problems such as dark circles, and I, for one, am really interested to see if this works. A 15ml pot of this costs a whopping $95, making the little 5ml pot I got worth an insane $31.67.

John Fried Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner || So here's the thing. This is for ladies with hair flatter and thinner than a sheet of rice paper who want full and voluminous hair like Rapunzel's. I am not one of those ladies. My hair is already long, thick, voluminously fluffy and much less cost maintenance than Rapunzel's. My hair + this kind of product = (usually) a fluffy poodle-like cloud of hair. I think I might give it a try anyway -- if anything, I'll be able to test if this product does what it's supposed to do. If it does, I'll pass it on to my brothers, who look hilarious with fluffy hair. A 250ml bottle of these cost $15.99 each -- I got two 44ml bottles, which puts them at roughly at $2.81 each.

John Frieda Fine To Full Blow-Out Spray || It's like with the shampoo and conditioner -- I don't really need this. You're supposed to use this in conjunction with a hairdryer, but I don't ever actually use one -- heck, I'm not even sure if I still have one! -- but maybe I'll try it with an air-dry and see how fluffy and frizzy it goes. Hurrah for hair experiments! These are normally $16.99 each, and I got a sample size that's worth around $4.18.

Price: $25
The Parcel Product Value: $121.81

If my math is actually right (and let's not forget that my math, even with a calculator, can be dubious), then this is, without a doubt, incredible value. There were three additional products this time around, and it was worth $30 more than the last box!

I believe that Marie Claire was promoting this for a time with the offer of a free Max Factor mascara. I was wondering whether or not that was something that would be included in all boxes, or if it was because they happened to run out of something else (and truth be told, I haven't yet checked around to see what others got). As something of a mascara addict, I was hoping that it might be included in every box -- but alas, no. If those who got the mascara had the same kind of products as myself, there may have been an additional $20 to $30 in value added to their box -- and I actually think it's nothing short of awesome!

So, will I be purchasing the next Parcel when it becomes available? At this stage, I think so. I'm still buying them on a season-by-season basis, but so far it still looks promising. For the younger ladies, there's also a Girlfriend Parcel available, which is available six times a year.

Let me know if you received the Summer 2014 edit of The Parcel by Marie Claire -- or, alternatively, which of the products are your favourite!

Sarah xo

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