Monday 6 June 2016

The Actual Diary Bit, Vol. 0 | 3rd June to 5th June

Six months ago, when I was in a state of delusion thinking about my blogging goals for 2016, I decided that I wanted to include more lifestyle content over here on Diary of a Beauty Padawan.

Let's be real: I've pretty much failed so far.

Sure, I've taken photos of places that I've been to, but I haven't actually gotten around to writing about them, and the delay got to the point where I ended up deciding to abandon the posts altogether. It's not cool, but that's what happens when your university slams you with more work than a normal human can take on at once.

Me trying to manage my responsibilities.
Credit: Rove and Sam Instagram
We all know that I love a good chit-chat -- read any of my posts, ask any of my friends: you'll see how much I can talk! -- but in order to keep posting content regularly when I'm busier than a bat out of hell, I've been thinking of ways to keep my words economical. Don't worry, unfortunately for you, you're still going to get those super long make-yourself-a-cup-of-tea-and-chat-with-me posts, but I'll actually be able to give them more of the time they deserve to make them worth reading.

In the meantime, I thought that I'd bring it back to the "diary" in Diary of a Beauty Padawan, and jot down a few notes about what happens to me day to day. At least we'll all know I'm still alive and not drowning in research!

Friday, 3rd June || Honestly did not achieve much. Drove my brother to his exams and back home again because I'm basically the best sister ever -- I did miss the re-run of MasterChef Australia because of it, however... It's okay, though, because I found out on Instagram that Cecilia was eliminated. Pretty sad about this; she was one of my favourites. Started the Blogilates June workout two days late -- but better late than never, right? One thing is for sure: my body is frickin' weak! Also started watching Cleverman, which is a new Australian Aboriginal sci-fi show. So far: loving it.

Not even asthmatic. My body just hates everything right now.
Saturday, 4th June || Three hours! That's how long it took me to get my health sorted out! Went out at 10am to go to the clinic to see my doctor, and ended up having to leave so that I could go to the osteo. Went back to the clinic after that and luckily I was seen almost immediately. Bad news: I'm now on Ventolin and antibiotics. Good news: I technically don't need any shots before I go to Japan! Very bad news: If I don't get the optional shot and catch the weird mosquito disease, my brain might be kinda screwed. Even worse news: They'd need to do a blood test and spinal fluid test thing to diagnose me if I get sick. Conclusion: I'm going to be a mess, but I'll get the shot. I think I'd rather suffer phobia-induced hysteria for the purposes of prevention rather than diagnosis.

Additionally, discovered that Americans don't use kettles. HOW DO YOU DO ANYTHING?
Sunday, 5th June || Work almost killed me -- metaphorically. Woke up half an hour before my shift started, so I had to seriously hustle my ass! My body was exhausted throughout the entire shift; nine hours on a Sunday can be rough, but I managed to get through it by constantly worrying about the ending of Good Morning Call. That show feels like it is NOWHERE near done, but there's only one episode left! WHY? Did a little Blogilates after work, but only half a day's stuff -- disappointing, but it broke a sweat and killed me. Mum made timpana for dinner (delish!) and it was MasterChef Night tonight! Charlie, Harry and Nicolette are in the elimination tomorrow. UGH.

Sydney's also gone through some weird weather lately, huh.

That's been some of what happened to me in the last week! What did you get up to? Tell me all about it!