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So here's the dealio.

Most of the products I've reviewed or compared on Diary of a Beauty Padawan have either been bought by me or given to me as part of a promotion where I've had to spend a hopefully reasonable amount of money first. You know the drill: "Spend [insert amount] and get this [insert fancy thing] free!" All of the opinions on this blog are my own, given based on my experiences and with careful consideration, and don't necessarily reflect the opinion of the brand that I'm discussing.

All sponsored posts are clearly marked as such, but never fear -- even if I accidentally call a fork a dinglehopper, everything I write will be my opinions. I always endeavour to give fair criticism, whether I like a product or not -- after all, sometimes what works for one girl doesn't work for another!

If you fancy a chat, you can always send me an email at sarah.liz92@gmail.com -- just make sure you stick something about my blog in the subject line, or you may just get sorted with the Nigerian princes and entrepreneurial housewives.

Shae xo

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