Friday, 28 August 2015

Mecca Beauty Loop L1 Unboxing

I could be privately devastated that I've been downgraded to a Level 1 Beauty Loop member from a Level 3, but honestly, I'm pretty thrilled. It's easy to spend money quicker than it takes the Flash to run the 100m race, and with makeup being an expensive hobby in Australia, I've needed to find ways to cut back on my spending. I think I have my postgraduate degree to thank for it, really, because studying at home all the time means I'm not going past Mecca Cosmetica on the way home -- and that means I'm not dropping cash like I earn Taylor Swift's salary.

Still, I got a nice, sweet little package this month (courtesy of my stepfather, who gallantly picked it up for me) and I think that it goes to show that you don't necessarily need to spend money to get a couple of nice little samples.

Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturiser SPF 47 || I've got so much moisturiser right now that I got paint the town with it, but I have always wanted to try a Josie Maran product, so I don't mind so much. I think that I'm going to save this for summer, when the SPF will be of the most use -- especially when using sunscreen is not a strong part of my face routine. I can't seem to be able to find this product on the Mecca website, which is unusual, so I'm not able to give the general piece about how much it is.

Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial || I've actually got a tube sample of this that I received in a Level 3 Beauty Loop box about seven months ago, and I haven't used it yet so I can't say if it's any good. It's free of all kind of synthetic nasties, which is pretty cool, and it'll be good if I have to go away for a trip! A 75ml tube of this costs $59, and I receive a 3ml pouch that is worth $2.36.

By Terry Mascara Terrybly Growth Booster Mascara || I'm always excited to receive a By Terry product, because it's a line that I'm not going to be able to afford until I'm working a full time job. I'm not stoked about the generic brush that comes with all mascara samples, so I think I'll scope out what the original is like -- the brush can make all the difference! Still, the formula seems nice, even with a brush that I don't like, and at $65 it's only a little more expensive than the YSL mascara I splurged on last year. I think the regular mascara tube contains 7.5g of product, and this has 4g, making it worth around $34.67. (Cue heart palpitations)

Kate Somerville Nourish Daily Moisturiser - Sensitive Skin || Another moisturiser, this one claims to refine and rejuvenate the appearance of skin. I really do have enough moisturiser to paint the town, however, so I've given this to my mother because I know that she really loves the Kate Somerville brand. This comes in a 50ml tub that retails for $86, making the 2ml sachet that I received worth about $3.44.

Beauty Loop Box Value: $40.47 minimum

I really can't be disappointed by the samples in this box -- it's nice to get some staple items from brands you wouldn't normally try! Have you used any of these before?



  1. Quite a nice selection.
    I couldn't be bothered to get my box (2 boxes back) as I'd already purchased all the inclusions from Mecca lol

    1. I guess if you've already got everything, then it doesn't matter so much if you skip it -- I've had a couple of boxes in the past where I already had some items, so I gave them to my mother to try.

  2. Never heard of them, but as a guy I used to put on moisturizer just because I heard it was good for people with oily skin. Anyways haven't used moisturizer in years and I think I look a lot older. probably could still keep my youthful appearance a little longer if I was more diligent with it.

    1. I'm not all that huge on moisturiser myself, because I don't really enjoy the way it makes my skin feel. I think it's all about finding one that you like the feel of so much that you get excited to use it!