Monday 17 August 2015

Life Through a Filter | July 2015

Warning: This post contains donuts, snacks and accidental glitter.

Another month done, another re-cap of my day-to-day happenings as told via Instagram. I snapped a lot more than in my previous month -- and I seemed to snack more too -- but my stress levels were also through the roof. Here you'll get to see all of the snacks that I ate, some of the makeup looks that I played with, and what I firmly believe is the greatest Wi-Fi name of all time.

1. This is what $6 chips looks like. Rip. Off.

Seriously, why is buying fish and chips so expensive these days?

2. Salted caramel #donuts. That'll hit the spot.

It did. I ate every single one of them.

3. Current mood.

When you want to quit uni and make a professional career out of watching TV.

4. The strange conversations one has with one's mother. #latergram

Pure MasterChef moment.

5. I asked my brother to bring me a blueberry white chocolate scone and he charged me a travel fee. >:(

But that's okay, less calories for me, right?

6. Went larking about on iTunes and found this, so I snapped it up. Ahh, #memorylane! I remember the days when my iPod consisted of nothing but BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki and Rihanna.

Seriously, I exaggerate not. There may have been the odd track by The Beatles, Queen or Michael Jackson, but my iPod back then was 90% J-Pop.

7. Regram from @abbiecobb. Greatest Wi-Fi name EVER -- better than that one I found saying "Charon, God of the Underworld".

I honestly wish I'd had foresight to name my Wi-Fi name this.

8. #Lunch with leftovers: toast, a slice of cheese, salt and pepper, a tiny bit of peri-peri mayo (honestly any sauce will work), chopped up leftover chicken schnitzel, another drizzle of mayo, all the delicious crumb bits on top, and another drizzle of mayo. It's not exactly #MasterChefAU, but it's delish!

Give this a try! It works best with homemade schnitzel, of course, because of all the delicious crispy crumb bits, but even store-bought schnitzels work pretty nice.

9. First time using the #MAC Reflects Pearl glitter and I had the audacity to exhale through my nose with it open right near my face -- and now there's glitter all over the bathroom mirror. #glampedmybathroom #sorrynotsorry

Everywhere you looked, there was glitter. GLITTER ERR'WHERE! Believe it or not, this photo doesn't have a filter over it either. The glitter is just that glittery of its own accord.

10. Nectar of the Gods. So good it doesn't need a filter. #coffee #flatwhite

I can't remember where this coffee came from, but I remember that it was very strong.

11. Oishii miruku seeki. Delicious milkshake. Okay.

It essentially tasted the same as an Egg Flip Big M; kind of eggy and vanilla-y.

12. Look, @daniellecaliforniaa, I got the Precious!! #MECCABeautyJunkie #TooFaced

After months of lusting after these two palettes, I went ahead and got them! My aunt actually bought the Sugar Pop palette for me, which was really generous of her.

13. Super tasty slow cooker beef massaman curry. #mealforameal

This was honestly one of the most delicious meals I'd had in a while. My mother made this using a slow-cooker recipe book that seems to have nothing but superstar recipes!

14. Favourite picture. #DuchessofCambridge #PrincessCharlotte

I seriously cannot get over this photo of Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte!

15. Day 1 of testing the #TooFaced Sugar Pop palette, by following the looks in the booklet it comes with. This one is called "Sweet & Spicy", which uses the shades Rock Candy, Macaron and Malted Milk Ball. I've used it with the #EyeOfHorus Goddess Pencil in "Nubian Brown". #fotd #bbloggers #bbloggersau

And so began my testing of the Sugar Pop palette!

16. Day 2 of testing the #TooFaced Sugar Pop palette. This time I've copied the look in the booklet called "Sugar Plums", which uses the shades Strawberry Ice, Sugared Violet and Blackberry. I've used the #MeMeMe lipstick in "Morello Silk". It's kind of a dupe for #MAC Rebel, but... I don't like it. It doesn't apply well and it smells funny. #fotd #bbloggers #bbloggersau

Seriously, do not buy that lipstick. If you see it, go straight in the other direction. I've kept it because I keep thinking that my head is just making it up, but then I apply it and I remember why I hate it so much.

17. Got my Beauty Loop box today! So excited to see a #ByTerry product in there! #MECCABeautyJunkie #bbloggers #bbloggersau

You've got to love a little bit of By Terry!

18. Look, guys, free petrol! :'D :'D

I drove by the same petrol sign a couple of days ago and the whole thing had stopped working altogether!

19. When your lucky pen dies whilst in the middle of writing an assignment... Help me, battered handmade Luna Pen of eBay descent! #SailorMoon #postgradlife #pullinganallnighter

While I miss my ever lucky pen, this Sailor Moon pen has been a stationary staple for several years now. It's a pity it looks so mangled.

20. Best drink EVAH. #Bundaberg #sarsaparilla

Who wants cocktails or beer when you have sarsaparilla? Sarsaparilla gives me life.

There we have it, a review of things that I saw and food that I ate throughout the month of July! If you're not already following me on Instagram, and you think you'd like to, you can find me here. By all means, drop me a line and say hi -- let's be buddies!

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