Monday, 24 August 2015

Product Review: Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing Liner

This little beauty hit shelves within the last few weeks, and it's sleek packaging immediately caught my eye. Drugstore eyeliners can be hit or miss, so while I'm willing to buy and try, I like to do some research and then wait until it's on sale. Makeup is expensive and usually non-refundable, so I want to make sure that I can prevent as many losses as possible.

Hello, my precious.
The Hyper Sharp Wing eyeliner was half price at Woolworths a little while ago (and it's currently half price at Priceline), so I bit the bullet and decided to give it a shot. It seemed rather promising, although I knew beforehand to perhaps not expect too much in terms of pigmentation. I didn't know either if it would dry out after a couple of uses either, as many pen liners have done before.

Such sleek. Much shiny. Wow.
Its packaging looks rather sleek yet retro, with shiny metallic purple lettering cutting through the equally shiny black. The lid, too, is also that shiny metallic purple, and it pulls off the pen easily. No need to worry about whether or not you'll break it!

Shinier than Lumiere on a glorious French morning.
The nib is the selling point for this product. The brush, while tapered, is flattened so that the edge of it is really narrow and sharp looking. My photos don't really do it justice -- you can really see just how thin the edge of the liner is when you look at it in person. The idea behind the liner's design is that you can draw a super sharp wing with the narrow edge; the fat side can be used to either fill it in or draw a thick wing.

The thin side. Thin like a razor.
The flat side. Flatter than a French crepe.
However you like to do your liner, the thing that I love about this product is that my wings take less than two minutes. Literally. My Kat Von D liner has a conical brush tip so that I need to be careful that my wings aren't too blunt; my Hyper Glossy liner is really wet and requires a lot of control, to make sure that product doesn't go all over the place like a 5-year-old's paint brush. With this liner though? I simply draw my wing, nice and easy, then I fill it in -- and I'm done! I've never had to worry about the state of my wings whenever I've used this liner.

Thinner than an eggshell, thicker than an idiot's skull.
The main thing that stops this liner from getting a perfect score is its opacity. It's black and opaque, yes, but it's not as opaque as a couple of other liners that I've used. You might feel the need to go over it a couple of times just to make sure that you reach full opacity (or you could just go over it with another liner) or to touch it up during the day, but honestly, you can get away without it. A major positive is that it doesn't "lift" liner when you go over it, so never fret if you do!

As far as drying out goes, just look at that swatch photo! Is that the photo of a liner that will fail you in a time of crisis? No, mon chéri, it is not.

Padawan Product Rating: A

All up, this is a great liner to invest in. If you're someone who seriously struggles with drawing wings and getting them even, this is it. This is the thing you need. I know that Maybelline's Hyper Glossy is my Holy Grail liner, but this is a serious second place. I have never before used an eyeliner that was so quick and easy that I could be running late and still have time to whack it on.

Have you used this eyeliner before? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


  1. oooh have you tried the one with the yellow cap? I think it's just called the Maybelline hyper sharp. Its nib is just a regular felt nib but it's thin enough for my asian eyes!


    1. I haven't, this one with the purple cap is the only variety we have! That's great to know, though, I have a friend who's still on the hunt for her Holy Grail eye liner so who knows, there may be a way for her to get one. x

  2. ooh I'm gonna have to see if we have this in America... I kind of want to try and finally learn to do a winged liner with a proper eyeliner haha


    1. Oddly it doesn't look as if the US has it (by looking at the Maybelline website), but you never know! If you can get your hands on it somehow, it's worth having a go with it! :)