Monday, 22 December 2014

Blogmas Day 20 | My Favourite "Christmas" Films

Oops! I missed publishing on a day of Blogmas! I think I'd feel much better about it if it were intentional, because doing Blogmas has had to have been one of the craziest schemes I've decided to participate in! I had this post all ready to go when my Wi-Fi conked out. By that stage it was 11pm and I was exhausted -- so I went to sleep instead.

But anyway.

You say Christmas. I say "Christmas". It seems that there are many films that I watch which are considered Christmas films, and yet I just don't see it -- I think it comes down to interpretation. If a film is set around Christmastime but isn't about Christmas, I don't really consider it a Christmas film. Even so, there are actual Christmas films that I enjoy watching from time to time, albeit rarely. I decided that I would do a Top 3 of both my favourite Christmas and "Christmas" films.

Top 3 Christmas Films

1. Nativity! || I love this film. It happened to just start playing on TV when I first watched it, and naturally I was sceptical, but it's great. This year I've felt a lot like Paul Maddens, who really doesn't get all that excited when it comes to Christmas -- but in the film he eventually learns to. Besides, what is cuter than a heap of small children trying their best to sing and dance?

2. The Santa Clause || This used to be a favourite of mine as a kid. It was on TV recently, and I actually kind of regret not watching it. I enjoyed the second and third films as well, but there's nothing quite like the shock that comes with an original film, is there?

3. Miracle on 34th Street || A lot of people prefer the original film from the 30s, but the one from the 90s is the only one I've ever seen, so I'm kind of obliged to roll with that. There are few old man cuter than Richard Attenborough, especially Richard Attenborough in the role of Santa Claus.

Top 3 "Christmas" Films

1. Love Actually || I do not feel I need to justify this. This film was designed to spread happy feelings among the masses and by Jove it works.

2. Home Alone || I can almost hear the gasps of those who fervently believe that Home Alone is a Christmas classic. Sure, it is, but it's about a boy who gets left home alone over the Christmas holidays -- it could've happened during the American summertime and it would've made sense.

3. Die Hard || I don't think I've heard anyone call this a Christmas film, but it does take place during Christmas, so it fits, right? This is one of my favourite films of all time -- whether I decide to sit down and watch or play it just to have some background noise, it's a great movie.

That's it for this short little list of my favourite Christmassy films to watch -- whether it's at Christmastime or any other time of the year! Which are your favourites?

Sarah xo

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