Thursday 30 October 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge - My Shoe Wishlist

Eep, am I making a fashion post? Normally a wishlist of any kind should be easy to do -- but there's nothing I've been really burning for lately! That being said, both Marie Claire and Novo have had loads of shoes that have caught my eye lately and even though I'm not normally a shoe person, I would absolutely love to have these!

Zinda mid heel pumps | $269 -- Such a steep price, but how cute are they? They remind me of a vintage-style heel, so I think they'd go really nicely with the right 50s era dress.

Rapisardi mid heel sandals | $129 -- These also come in black, which others will prefer, but I personally like these colours. I have a couple of dresses that fit these shades of blue and green, and it would be nice to have shoes other than black flats to wear them with!

Boston Babe Roman W mid heel sandals | $139 -- These are actually on sale for $69 at the moment, and I think I'm in love with them. They're a cute alternative to flats... I might just end up buying them!

Taranto Katie mid heel courts | $169 -- These are on sale as well, down to $79. I think they're a great evening shoe, although I'm not completely sold on the look of the heel. I don't doubt that they're not the first kind of shoe with it, but I've never seen them before! Are they supposed to look like they screw out?

Neo high heel sandals | $190 -- How beautiful are these shoes?! I'm normally not a girl for shoes with bows, but these are awesome! I have a kind of gothic-themed dress that would probably look really good with these one. I'd just have to make sure I don't somehow accidentally break my ankle if the ribbons come undone!

Guess Adal high heel pumps | $169 -- And these! These are also so gorgeous -- and on sale for $99. To be honest, I probably couldn't pull off heels like this, but a girl can dream, right?

Robert Robert Flirt high heel sandals | $329 -- So, before your eyes fall out at the price, let me just say: they're on sale for $129. That's still very expensive, but, y'know, I think I would pay that for these as well. I think these would also go well with the gothic-themed dress, although I might need to practice walking around in them for a while first. Me + spikes = public danger.

Hey-Sailor flats | $49.95 -- I love flats, and now that it's getting towards summer, stripes seem to be in! I have a dress with stripes that would match these shoes perfectly. I'm not too keen about the ankle strap, but that's probably an evil I could live with. These also come in red stripes, and plain black.

Marilyn peep toe heels | $79.95 -- I love vintage fashion, so these heels immediately stood out to me. I think my mum actually bought herself a pair... If it wasn't these, then it was a style very similar. If only we were the same shoe size, I'd have pinched borrowed these ages ago! These also come in hot pink.

Prince strappy heels | $89.95 -- I love these, but I don't think I could wear them without breaking my ankles or putting people within a one kilometre radius in the hospital. If you're into clubbing (which I'm not), I think these might actually be nice heels to go dancing in.

That's it for Day 8 of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge! Let me know what you think of these shoes in the comments section!

Sarah xo

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  1. I like this Robert Robert Flirt high heel sandals id there any Deal of the day available for this?