Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Crave & Covet #2

This list has been in the making for a few months, ever since my last Crave & Covet! I've added products to it, taken products off, umm-d and ahh-d over whether to keep certain products -- and here it is, my current wish list! Will I purchase any of these products? Probably not in the near future -- with registrations open for the next round of university, all of my pennies are currently tied up!

I have to apologise for the really rubbish quality of some of these pictures -- they've all come from their respective websites and obviously something went wrong when uploading them!

Chi Chi Glamorous Brights Eye Palette | $22.95 -- I've wanted to play with bright eye colours for ages, but I've always felt like I don't really have the know-how or the skill to do so without some kind of help. The Chi Chi palettes look colourful and fun, and I think they might be an affordable way to start experimenting!

Chi Chi Glamorous Rich Gems Eye Palette | $22.95 -- Like the Brights eye palette, this is full of really gorgeous colours that I think would be fun to play with. Perhaps I'm imagining it, or perhaps my Padawan skills are starting to sharpen up, but I feel like I've started seeing "gem colours" around a little bit lately! Either way, this is another palette I'd like to start playing around with.
Lipstick Queen Vesuvius Liquid Lipstick | $29.95 -- I still haven't bought the Medieval Tinted Lip Treatment that I had in my last list, but that hasn't stopped me from wanting this! The Vesuvius Liquid Lipstick comes in six colours, and promises amazing colour without stickiness or feathering. I'd really love to see how well it compares to other liquid lipsticks I have.
Mecca Cosmetica Beauty Sleep Artistry Eye Brightener | $38 -- I've had some wickedly awful bags under my eyes lately. I've tried under eye creams and concealers to try and brighten the area up, but the degrees of success have varied. One end has a thin pencil that is supposed to be used on the inner rim of the eyes; the other end has is a cream highlighter that is supposed to hide dark circles and highlight the brow bone. Sounds like a win!
Mecca Cosmetica Line & Prime Artistry Lip Primer | $38 -- I've also had problems with my lip products bleeding. I do have a lip primer, but lately I've felt like I needed something more. This product has a clear lip liner on one end that's supposed to prevent feathering and bleeding; the other end is a lip primer. It would be interesting to see how this works.
Mecca Cosmetica Polished Up Mani-Pedi Perfector Pen | $24 -- Alas, a miracle product! This is a double-ended pen that claims to be able to remove any and all nail polish mistakes! I'm not sure just how well something like this would work over a long period of time -- perhaps it would just be easier to dip a cotton bud in some polish remover -- but I think this is a great idea that would be worth giving the road test.
Mecca Cosmetica Ready Set Quick Dry Mist | $22 -- Another interesting idea from Mecca, and one again to do with your nails! This spray is supposed to set your nail polish in 10 seconds -- dead handy, as I'm sure I'm not the only one who flaps their hands like they're Flappy Bird waiting for their nails to dry! This seems to be the dream product for the paw and claws of those guys and girl who are always on the go.

Too Faced Cat Eyes Ferociously Feminine Eye Shadow & Liner Collection | $36US -- This isn't yet available in Australia, but how could I resist? It's cat-themed! These shadows looks absolutely gorgeous -- again, really pretty colours to work with. I believe the reviews of this palette, unlike the Country and Rock 'n' Roll ones that I'd originally had on my list, are quite good, so I think this would be for some fun spring-time looks!

Too Faced Pardon My French Set | $68.95 -- This kit contains the Bonjour Soleil eye shadow palette, a Perfect Eyes waterproof liner, a mini Lash Injection mascara and a mini Shadow Insurance, all in a cute looking summery purse! This seems like good value to me, especially considering that there's an eye shadow palette involved -- eye shadow palettes size normally cost around $54! I'd like to see it in person to really evaluate whether it's worth the splurge, but I think it'd be good.

And that's it for this rather long wish list! What do you crave and covet?

Sarah xo


  1. I never saw this Too Faced Set - it looks amazing, I'd love to get it!


    1. I believe that Sephora sells it, if you're able to purchase from there!