Friday, 12 June 2015

Where HAVE you been?!

It's been about six weeks since my last blog post -- a brand new record that I personally never hope to reach again. My previous record was two weeks, and while I knew that an absence was inevitable, I had hoped to have a nice backlog of posts to make that absence less noticeable.

No such luck!

As though being slammed with assignments wasn't enough, I was suddenly told that I had been assigned a placement... with one business day's notice. It was as inconvenient as that time the English soldiers snatching Claire just as she's finally gotten to Craigh na Dun (sorry, what do you mean you don't watch Outlander? If you're not faint of heart, get on it!)

Either way, that's where I've been the past month. Posting could've been possible, but it wasn't probably, as I had to relocate and internet was a precious, precious commodity that I couldn't afford to waste. (First world problems, am I right?)

One thing is for certain: I've had an absolute blast!

My mentor was absolutely fantastic, I was surrounded by a great team, and, best of all, I made some absolutely fantastic friends.

Elly + Jess + Shae
So there's no need to be like this anymore:

It's going to be a challenge to get back into a routine of balanced work and play, but I'm really gunning to make it work.

Shae xo