Friday 19 June 2015

You're It! The Summer Tag

Hello, people of the internet!

I was tagged by the absolutely gorgeous Emma of Peace Love Vintage to complete The Summer Tag quite recently -- and everybody knows that I love tag posts! Of course, being in Australia, we've just hit winter (and, to the apparent surprise of many, it does get really cold), so I had originally planned to tweak the questions to make them about my current season.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Photo by me.
I then read the questions and thought, 'Do I really need to change these?' I decided I didn't. After all, why not warm myself with a remembrance of days that were much hotter?

Without further ado, here are Emma's questions!

1. What's your favourite thing about summer?

So here's the thing. I hate the Australian summer -- and I love hating it. I complain about the hot weather every year, without fail, and I never actually realised how much I enjoyed doing so until we had the coldest summer I can ever recall. The summer of 2014/2015 was an utter disappointment. We had perhaps a week or two of blisteringly hot weather, and the rest of the time... It was cold and/or rainy. I was heartbroken.

For real, the only good thing about summer are the following: ice cream, air conditioning, the cricket and the clothes being dry in ten minutes.

2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?

I'd say iced tea. It's a drink that I'll have all year round, but there's nothing like a nice cold glass of iced tea when the sun's coming down so hard that eggs cook in their shells on the walk home from the supermarket.

3. Is there a special place you like to visit each summer?

When I was younger, it used to be my grandparents' house. I would go and stay there for two weeks every summer and I loved it. Now I just enjoy being at home.

4. What's your favourite makeup look for summer?

I love anything that means I can use colour. Reds, pinks, oranges, yellow... Hell, I'll take the whole Skittles rainbow and put it on my face if I can! I might switch out foundation for a BB cream, but yeah, otherwise it's all about colour.

5. Dresses or skirts?

I was all about short skirts when I was younger, but I've put on a stack of weight in recent years (it must be said!), so I go for dresses now. I have one long maxi dress that I bought last year that was a smashing staple for me, otherwise I go for dresses that allow room in the hips.

6. Festivals or vacations?

I say holidays, all the way. I'm not really a festival kind of girl.

7. What's your signature summer hairstyle?

I don't know that I really have one! I think I'm more prone to using heat to style it, because I'm on holiday and I have more time. I really got into basic, Level 1-style braiding last summer.

8. What's your signature summer scent?

Some light and floral. My favourite is Gwen Stefani's G in the Sea, but my bottle is practically empty, so I wore a lot of Intimately Beckham instead.

9. Favourite music for summer?

It's whatever I'm listening to at the time -- I've had summers where I've listened to upbeat tracks (especially if I'm alone -- my laptop volume gets cranked up loud!) and I've had summers where I've listened to artists who are more morose. Last summer I think I leaned towards morose. A lot of Florence + The Machine got played.

10. Pool or beach?

I'm not a huge fan of either if there's the option of staying indoors, but I might go with a pool because you kind of know where you stand with them. You know there aren't any nasty hidden creatures, you don't have to worry about your things getting nicked or there being sand everywhere... That being said, however, I've kind of wanted to visit a beach the last few summers, if just to remind myself why I avoid them.

11. BBQ or seafood?

A BBQ, man, hands down! Nothing beats the smell of a summer barbecue, especially when you've got family over and everybody's laughing and chatting, and the little ones are arguing about who gets to sit next to whom.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Photo by me.
That's it for me, but I'd love to nominate the following to also complete this tag!

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If you're not on this list but want to complete the tag anyway, do so and link me to your post -- I'd love to read it!

Shae xo

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