Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Actual Diary Bit, Vol 2 | 22nd Aug to 28th Aug

Gorgeous fellow humans, how have you been these past few weeks? It's been so quiet in this pocket of the internet, but after finishing my thesis what I needed more than anything else was a break from the computer! I was also in Japan for three weeks, and I can't remember the last time I've had so much fun. I spent about a week on my own, then I joined up with a tour, and then I had a few more days on my own again. I might write up posts on some of the places that I visited, but if I do then they may be slow-coming. There's just so much to get done!

No, thank you, Japan.
And what have I been up to since I got back? Read on and find out!

Monday, 22nd August || Today I landed back home from Japan! I arrived at about 11.30am, but I didn't end up getting home until about 3.30pm because I had lunch with Mum. I actually wasn't feeling too well for most of the day -- I don't know if it was travel sickness, or maybe just that I hadn't eaten properly. I've never been travel sick on a plane before, so... Who knows. I also got to give my family members their presents, which was pretty fun.

Tuesday, 23rd August || LAUNDRY DAY! You wouldn't think that doing laundry would be something to get excited about, but when you haven't really had properly clean clothes for three weeks and you're out of underwear... It's pretty darn exciting. Finally, I have clean clothes!! I took a couple of naps today as well. I don't really understand it, it's not like I'm jetlagged.

The last night of the tour! Things got CRAY! (Not really.)
Wednesday, 24th August || Again, didn't do a whole lot. I rang up my best friend and we chatted for a while -- it was so good to hear her voice! It's been kinda strange, going from a situation where I had people constantly talking to me to having almost nobody at all. That in itself sounds a little strange, because it's not like I live alone, but... I don't know how to describe it.

Thursday, 25th August || I think that the worst part about unpacking is trying to put away the final bits and pieces that kind of don't really have a place. I had a nice, sizeable lump of stuff on my floor and no desire to find a place to put it. I spent most of the day photographing the makeup and the stationary that I'd bought in Japan -- the question is, however, will it make it to the blog? I'd hope so but gosh know with my organisation at the moment. Also tonight was my first night back at work! It was good to kind of get stuck back into it.

Snap back to reality.
Friday, 26th August || Went out for lunch with Mum and my brother today. I was feeling like something light, like a salad -- so that's what I got. A delicious, delicious Caesar salad. I mean, it really wasn't the best one I've eaten in a while, but it did the trick. I also remembered to register for my graduation -- so freaking expensive, but hey, I can officially say goodbye to university in September instead of December!

Saturday, 27th August || Appointment with the witch doctor (aka osteo) today! Things are looking pretty decent. This time last year, I was going weekly (really not a good thing), but now we've pushed appointments back to every six weeks. The witch doctor said that the heat in Japan has done me a lot of lasting good, so I'm pretty pleased with that.

I love seeing these flowers bloom -- so happy I came back home in time to see it!
Sunday, 28th August || Wasn't exactly looking forward to getting back to my long Sundays at work -- I've been so tired this week that I felt there was no guarantee I'd get up in time! As it happened, I did, which was great, but the day itself could've been better. It was so quiet that at times I was almost bored to absolute tears; sometimes it's nice when it's quiet, but the time was dragging! In the end, I only ended up working a half day, because it was so quiet and we had so many staff members that my boss told me to finish early.

Tell me: what have you been up to in the last week or so? I want to hear all about your own adventures!

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