Monday, 1 September 2014

With a heavy heart...

I have a few posts that are finished, and which were meant to be published last night and this morning. I may still publish those soon, but they may need to take a little longer. On Friday, I published the Cat Tag, and I got to share a bit of my love with the gorgeous furball I've called mine for what was closing in on a year.

Now I have some sad new to report.

Last night, Claflin was hit by a car outside my house and killed. It most likely happened as I was walking home from work, about 6.30pm or so -- my mother says she'd introduced him to a friend of her about half an hour before. Claflin was almost ten months old. I'd adopted him when he was roughly a few weeks old, after he'd been dumped in the night with a box of other kittens on the doorstep of the place where my best friend's cousin works. I bought him the highest quality food I could find at the supermarket, carefully hand-treated him for fleas when I found out he was riddled with them but too young for any medication, and did my absolute utmost to make sure that he never wanted for anything if I could help it. I'd just begun knitting him a rug to sleep on.

I don't have the words to describe how upset I am. The word "upset" is itself far from adequate in describing my feelings. Please have patience with me over the next few weeks, as posting may slow down slightly.

Sarah xo

RIP Claflin
7 Nov 2013 - 31 Aug 2014


  1. Horrible news, I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope you are ok.

  2. Oh no, I am so so sorry hunnie *hugs* xx