Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Indonesian Beauty Haul | Rias Wajah Indonesia

About six months ago, my best friend moved to Indonesia to live there for a time and study. She arrived back in Australia a couple of nights ago, and I went over to her place for a celebratory "HOORAY, THE WORLD IS RIGHT AGAIN!" barbecue. (For the record, it was delicious and I ate a lot of cheesecake.) Amy was giving out presents to her friends, and for me she had a little something extra...


As if that doesn't already prove that she's the greatest best friend in the world, she did her best to try and find things that we can't get in Australia -- she pulled it off, too. Here are the things she bought for me.

NYX eye shadow -- "Exotic Green"

NYX Eyeshadow in "Exotic Green" || I haven't actually asked her this, but I'm confident that Amy bought this because my favourite colour is green. It is possible to get NYX in Australia, but our local Target counters are very poorly stocked and it costs twice the price as it does in the US. Exotic Green is a dark, black-toned camo green. It looks slightly shimmery in the pan but it comes off as matte when applied. Even when put over the top of NYX Milk, I found that I needed to touch it up after I'd finished my makeup because it looked like it had faded a little.

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner -- "Gold-ation"

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in "Gold-iation" || If you know my blog, you know that the Hyper Glossy liner is my favourite liner in the whole wide world. I'm in love with it. We are soul mates. You simply cannot imagine how my brain short-circuited with excitement when Amy presented me with this, a gold version! It is the most incredibly gold liner that I've ever come across (especially if we ignore the fact that I've never come across a gold liner before). It looks like someone painted my eye with liquid gold -- and it lasts all day. It is definitely my favourite product in the pack!

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush -- "Candy Coral"

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in "Candy Coral" || Ahh! I've seen the occasional review pop up on YouTube, but I haven't really paid much attention -- I guess because we can't get them here! To my absolute amazement and surprise, it is totally bouncy! I hadn't thought of it as a literal thing, I just figured it might make your cheeks look plumper, but Amy poked it and it bounced back! (She also poked it a bit too hard, hence the dent.) This is a cream blush, and so it's not a kind of product that I'm familiar with. I tried using a brush when I put it on and the results seemed so-so; I think I might actually have better luck using my fingers! This is something I'll definitely have to play around on.

NYX Butter Gloss -- "Apple Strudel"

NYX Butter Gloss in "Apple Strudel" || This is a semi-opaque creamy peach-pink gloss. It does have a slight "makeup" scent to it, but it's really not too noticeable once it's applied. I already love this lip gloss -- I can see myself staring adoringly at it for minutes on end! It looks very natural on my lips, so it's the perfect summer shade; I've also found it super comfortable to wear.

I absolutely loved all of the things that Amy got me in Indonesia. It's going to be a lot of fun playing with them in conjunction with the rest of my collection and seeing how many different things I can do!

Have you seen any of these products?

Sarah xo


  1. Amazing picks! I cannot believe I haven't tried any NYX products yet (I know, I've been lving under a rock) I especially love their matte lip creams. I may need to read into butter glosses aswell, thanks for sharing


    1. My best friend did good! This was my first time trying out NYX products as well, I'm looking forward to testing out some more!