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Bellabox | January 2015: Kick Start

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Getting back to it.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but for Christmas my parents surprised me with a 12-month subscription to Bellabox! I'd looked at Bellabox and other subscription boxes a few times but I wasn't convinced that any of them were really worth my money, so I'd kind of forgotten about them. This awesome gift was a good reason to look back at Bellabox and see what beauty bloggers and vloggers were saying -- and it seemed to be doing better than I'd heard previously.

My title of my first-ever Bellabox is called Kick Start, and I figure that the idea of it is to help yourself get started in the new year. Given that the boxes arrived three weeks into the new year, it feels a little bit late for that sort of thing, but that's just my opinion.

Wotnot Natural Organic Facial Wipes 5pk || These makeup wipes contain aloe vera, rosehip and sweet almond oil, and claim to be gentle enough for sensitive skin. The Bellabox card claims that they're also good for oily skin, although there's nowhere I can see that on the actual packaging itself. I've just run out of face wipes, so I'll use these for the next few days to see how well they remove makeup traces. A pack of 25 costs $8.40, so this pack is valued at about $1.68.

Garnier Moisture Match Combination to Oily Skin || This is just a little sample sachet worth about 15c (a full-size 50ml product costs $9.99). I can usually get two or three uses from these sorts of sachets so I'll be interested in seeing how well it works. I'm really lazy with things like moisturiser, so I'm actually glad I didn't get much more.

Laqa & Co. Lip Lube in "Bees Knees" || I'm quite confident that everyone got this shade, as its name is directly stated on the Bellabox card. This pretty much looks like a lot of other lip crayon balms on the market, but it has an absolutely delicious candy cane scent that I adore. It's a natural kind of peachy-coral colour that I think I'll get a lot of use out of. The RRP of this product according to Bellabox is $24.95.

Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner || It seems that Bellabox might like their mint-scented items, although I guess I won't really know how minty this is until I use it. This is supposed to act as a 'cleanser', conditioner and leave-in conditioner, and I'm hoping the pouch will be easy to handle. A 350ml bottle is valued at $34.99, which puts the 60ml pouch I got at about $6.

Bellabox Makeup Pouch || I imagine some people will get use out of this and some people will not. A few years ago, I might've given this to someone else or thrown it at the back of the cupboard to gather dust and cobwebs, but I think I can make this work! I could easily throw a few lip products in, but I tend to keep them in pockets in my handbag, so I think I'd be more likely to use this for pens for uni. Bellabox values this at $7.95.

SkinnyMint 6 Day Teatox Sample Pack || This definitely interests me. I'm definitely not a tea drinker by way of hot teas -- if you've got a sweet, fruity iced tea, you can throw it my way, but hot tea? No. Despite this, I have seen a couple of celebrities use products similar to this on Instagram, and I have to admit, I've been a little intrigued. This sample pack from SkinnyMint has nine tea bags which are supposed to somehow last six days -- I'm sure it works out somehow, I'm just not sure how. It claims to have an amazing taste, and I seriously hope so, because I can see that the morning tea bags have green tea in it. Green tea tastes like the devil's soul. A 28 Day Teatox costs $54.90, so is my math is right this sample pack is $11.79.

Price: $15
Bellabox Product Value: $52.52

I think this was an interesting box to start the year -- I'm glad there aren't any tanning products, because that's something I have absolutely zero interest in. While it's filled mostly with brands and products that I don't recognise, I'm appreciative of them because they're things that I likely wouldn't have thought to try if I hadn't gotten them in this box.

Would you like me to do individual reviews on any of these products? Let me know!

Sarah xo

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