Saturday, 17 January 2015

Boxing Day Haul!

One of the highlights in the Christmas season isn't about Christmas at all, but Boxing Day, where retailers go mad and people shop with one of two kinds of money: the money they don't have, or the money they got for Christmas. I'd been saving up in anticipation of the Boxing Day sales, as I've wanted some new clothes for a while and I knew I'd inevitably get some cash for Christmas.

Seriously, I needed new clothes. Some of the pieces in my wardrobe were five or six years old.

As it happened, it was also a great time to grab some makeup, and how could I not? Nearly everywhere had everything on sale, and I'd been so good for weeks before...

My first stop was to Myer. They were having 25% off all Chi Chi products and, after watching a video by Shaaanxo, I was prepared to go in and buy ALL the Chi Chi things! Eye shadows, eye liners, glitter liners, I was going to get it all. As it happened, my local Myer had next to absolutely nothing -- what is wrong with the world? Next came Priceline, where I planned to buy a heap of CoverGirl nail polishes as well as a few Maybelline lipsticks -- and did they have the colours I was after? Nope! The day after (so, technically not Boxing Day, but whatever), I went to Chemist Warehouse, which was having one of its 40% off makeup sales. It may have actually been 50% off, given that it was Boxing Day, but I just can't quite remember...

What's that? You want me to stop nattering on and show you what I bought? Why didn't you say so earlier!

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Correcting Day Moisturiser || From Priceline, I already have the serum that is part of this line. I had a sample from an issue of Marie Claire, and when I tried it with the serum, I was delighted by how soft it makes my skin! I don't really use it for any "correcting" properties, I don't notice any difference in my skin.

CoverGirl XL Nail Gel in "Haughty Lemon" || I absolutely love this colour. It's such a bold yellow, and it applies beautifully -- two coats almost achieves full opacity. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long on me, and seemed to peel off very quickly.

Chi Chi Super Lashes || I bought these from Myer, and I love them. They're not hugely bold, but they give just enough flair that I'll be able to get away with wearing them on a more frequent basis. One thing that didn't impress me was the glue -- it didn't seem to work at all, and I've only just realised that it's because it wants 30 to 60 seconds to set. Ain't nobody got time for that! I think I'll toss it and stick to the glue I already have.

OPI Red Over Heels VIP Set -- "Cajun Shrimp", "Big Apple Red", "Malaga Wine" || I found this reduced to clear from Myer at an absolute steal! The 3-pack sets are normally about $40, but this was going out for $20! There are three full-sized polishes in this set, and they're normally $20 each, so I was happy to pick this up. Myer was having 25% off OPI, and I've heard that this was sometimes applied to clearance items, but I'm not sure if it was in my case.

CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipstick in "Rapture" || I bought this from Priceline in an attempt to add another natural-ish pink lipstick in my collection. While I like the colour, I don't think I quite like the formula or how it sits on my lips. I'll have to wear it a few more times to figure it out.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in "Candy Apple" || I regularly see Danielle mention the Revlon Lip Butters in her posts, and when I saw that this colour was reduced to clear in Myer at half price, I had to pick it up! I love this because it's a full coverage red that isn't too bold, if you get what I mean. It's suited to the everyday look a lot better than nearly every other red lipstick in my collection, plus it feels like a lip balm on my lips. Hallelujah!

CoverGirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in "Blush Twist" || I absolutely love CoverGirl's Jumbo Gloss Balm line, and this colour is no exception. It's perfect for a "my lips but better" look, even if it does contain the tiniest amount of shimmer in it. It is super easy to apply, and leaves my lips feeling nice and soft.

Chi Chi Stay On Eyeliner in "Wanna See Your Peacock" || I had really, really wanted pretty much all of the liners from this range, and yet Myer had absolutely nothing that I could see. Eye liners and lip liners were all mixed up -- it was a real shambles. I refused to leave without this shade if I could help it, and luckily my cousin helped me sift through everything and found it for me!

OPI Nail Lacquer in "Today I Accomplished Zero" || I was so excited to see this on the OPI stands, it was the first time I'd seen them at a Myer store! It's a really pretty black that has red shimmer and red glitter. I think this applies a little unevenly, but I'm going to need to try it again later to properly get a feel for it.

OPI Nail Lacquer in "Coca-Cola Red" || Be still my beating heart! This is one of the most perfect shades of red I've ever come across. It also happens to exactly match the colour of red cigarette lights. I haven't been able to wear it very often and for very long, but so far I believe the quality is quite good.

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in "Tickled Pink" || I haven't been able to try this shade yet, but I typically really like the formula of this line. I think they're discontinuing the line, because there used to be a massive range of colours and I've seen next to nothing at both Priceline and Big W stores. I kind of hope they're not making way for the XL polishes, but I generally prefer this formula. This is a great hot pink colour.

CoverGirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in "Berry Twist" || Unfortunately, the balm of this kind of broke away at the base, if that makes sense, so I need to be a little careful when I use this. It's a fabulous berry purple colour, and it's great when I want something colourful yet sheer.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in "Soft Beige" || I was worried about finding a new foundation, but I haven't been entirely happy with the Maybelline FITme! Foundation. I consider myself terrible at colour-matching, and while I thought I might be "Soft Beige", I wasn't entirely sure. How did I check? I swatched the shade I use by Maybelline, then swatched the Rimmel right beside. They matched together on my hand, so I considered it a match for my face! I'm currently testing this out, but so far I'm enjoying this foundation.

W7 Lash & Line Glitter Mascara and Eyeliner || I bought this because I wasn't able to find the Chi Chi glitter liners at Myer. The idea is that this product has a mascara wand as well as an elongated tip for using as a liner. I'm honestly not to sold on the idea of using it as a mascara, although it might depend on how opaque it is. I might be able to make it work.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in "Invite Only" || Okay. So. Here's the thing. This thing is blue. Elsa-freaking-blue. You couldn't imagine my shock and surprise to find such an unusual colour in the ColorBurst Lip Butter line! There was only one of these left, but they did have a tester, which I immediately seized to swatch. It's pretty much clear with a little shimmer, which is a great relief to someone who doesn't -- but may have tried to -- wear blue lipstick. If you layer it on, you can get a very, very sheer icy blue sheen, but that's the extent of the colour. Can't lie, I love it -- and I see it nowhere on the Revlon site. I chatted to a girl at Priceline today and she thinks it may be a deleted product.

W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher || I've seen this blush pop up from time to time on Bloglovin' and I'm eager to see what the fuss is about. I was about to use it the other day, but I saw that it does actually have a pattern like honeycomb on it, which is just too pretty to ruin without photographing first!

W7 Kiss Me Lip Plumping Lip Gloss || I really like this product. It's just a clear, no fuss gloss that is really easy to use. It claims to plumps lips up, but I'm not quite sure if it does that yet. I do experience a minty sensation on my lips when I put it on, and I know that sometimes this can plump up my lips a little, but I don't think I've noticed any huge difference at this stage.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation in "Soft Beige" || I saw this and thought to myself, "When was the last time you had a full coverage foundation?" (It was actually long before I properly got into makeup.) The thing that attracted me to this was that it claims to be transfer-proof -- I'm forever getting foundation onto my work uniform, and this used to be a problem when I only had the one work shirt. I've yet to test this out, but I'm looking forward to it.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Spring by Kate in "16" (pictured) and "22" (not pictured) || I've been after this line for ages -- I've never seen it stocked anywhere! I originally bought three of these lipsticks: 16, 22 and, so I thought, 20. Unfortunately, I got home and realised that somehow I'd accidentally picked up two of 22! I was very disappointed, and even more so because Chemist Warehouse doesn't exchange or refund unless the product is faulty. 16 looks like a really pretty light, coral-toned pink, and 22 is an absolutely fabulous red pink that reminds me strongly of MAC Damn Glamorous.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in "Coral in Gold" || I was really excited by this colour; it's a shimmery orangey-gold coral colour. Unfortunately, so far I'm not a huge fan of the formula, because I've been a big fan of other lipsticks in the collection. It feels a little difficult to apply evenly, although I want to wear it a few more times before I make a final decision.

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel in "Autumn Spice", "Wintermint" and "Beachy" || So here's the thing. I love these nail polishes. They're all in fabulous colours and they smell absolutely awesome. Autumn Spice is a dark golden brown colour, which I think smells a little like cinnamon, Wintermint is a pale spearmint green with dark green glitter (and, guys, it smells like CANDY CANES), and Beachy is a really gorgeous shimmery golden colour, although I can't quite pick the scent yet. I may just need to buy more of these when they go on sale!

That's it for what became the final haul of 2014! I'm really excited about a lot of these products, and I'm going to quite thoroughly test out the ones which may have ended up being not quite so full of star power. Either way, keep your eyes peeled, and let me know if there's something you'd like me to do a thorough review on!

Sarah xo


  1. You got some lovely things! Love haul posts! x

    1. Thank you! They're always fun to write, aren't they?

  2. Oh wow, what a fab haul! Have fun playing around with everything :D x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Oooh Malaga Wine is very on trend this year!
    I'm jealous of your haul.. but when are you going to wear Elsa blue on your lips?! Hehe

    1. Ahaha, I wore it to work last week! It's basically clear with a very, very faint shimmer -- very wearable.