Thursday, 23 October 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge - Why do you blog? + five random facts

If you follow her on Twitter, you might know that Amy from Style Storms has just started the 12 Day Blogger Challenge. It's a really awesome, easy challenge -- to post for twelve days, completing a number of tasks. It's easy because the questions are easy; it's a challenge because not a lot of us are able to post for twelve days in a row. I've certainly never been able to, and it's currently the busiest time of the academic year, so it will definitely be a challenge.

The greatest form of procrastination! Let's get straight to it.

Day 1: Why do you blog?

I feel that I've answered this so many times. It's inevitable when you do a certain number of tag posts, I guess! So, the relatively short answer is: I made a really disgusting pad Thai from a recipe I found on the internet and felt compelled to share that fact with the world. The reason that I keep blogging is simply that I've started. This blog is now a commitment that I've made to myself, and the more I keep with it, the more I feel that I need to uphold it. Sure, it's not as successful as others, but there's nothing wrong with that -- I'm having so much fun and I keep meeting so many amazing bloggers!

Plus five random facts...

  1. My middle name was almost Louise.
  2. I'm trying out a Gwen Stefani by OPI glitter polish that I got recently and it has more glitter than a kindergarten craft table -- I love it.
  3. Growing up, I hated lasagne.
  4. I only eat hot salami, and the spicier, the better. I also don't believe in eating it in bread.
  5. Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches are delicious.
I would apologise for the food-related facts, but really... nobody should be sorry for food.

If you want to see all of the challenges set by Amy, go over to her blog and start taking part!

Sarah xo

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