Saturday, 25 October 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge - Quote of the Day

Amy's challenge for today was a...

Day 03: Quote of the Day

My current "Quote of the Day" (and, thus, the thing I'm most likely to shout out at any given moment) is:

Original picture can be found here. It was then edited (crappily) by me (who has zero skills).
Why is such a vapid quote my quote of choice? I could've picked something by Jena Malone or Marilyn Monroe or Aristotle, or pulled something inspirational once uttered by an anonymous entity. As it happens, I felt like nothing I was looking at truly encapsulated what it was I was feeling.

Nothing except this.

Of course, it's great to have deep and meaningful quotes that provide our soul with the chicken soup it needs to fight the bad guys and live another day -- but favourite quotes should be fun, too!

If the edited picture I've put up isn't enough of a clue, this comes from the show Selfie, which started a few weeks ago. Who is Linda? Linda is one of the most minor of all minor characters -- and yet I feel as though she's kind of made a background icon of herself. You know what I mean: that person who's not front and centre, but still manages to make you go, "Heeeeey! It's you!" as though they were world-famous and popping in for a cameo.

I like to break out "Don't be jelly, Linda" for just about anything. Just met Jenna Coleman? Don't be jelly, Linda. Ate the best sandwich you've had all week? Don't be jelly, Linda. Started tap-dancing on the train? Don't be jelly, Linda.

Whilst the original context of "Don't be jelly, Linda" in Selfie is about the fact that the main character, Eliza, got herself upgraded to first class on a plane flight, it's also worth remembering that sometimes you shouldn't sweat the small stuff. Was Linda bothered that Eliza scored an upgrade? Not particularly. Even if people are flaunting their little achievements all over the place (be it Facebook or Instagram or a proper conversation), making you wonder what you're doing with your life, the key is: don't be jealous.

Linda isn't all that jealous of Eliza's life -- after all, Linda's the one with real friends, a respected position in the workplace and life that she's happy with. While you may not graduate from university at the same time as your old classmates from high school, while you may work on a checkout while friends (somehow) travel all over the world, while you may not earn as much being a teacher as you would a surgeon, if you're truly happy with what you have going on in your life... There's no reason to be a green-eyed monster with the people around you. You're every bit as amazing as them, and they're probably just as jealous of you!

So don't be jelly, Linda.

Sarah xo

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