Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Actual Diary Bit, Vol. 4 | 9th Jan to 15th Jan

Monday, January 9th || Monday was a good, busy day, blogwise. I'd spent the night before making a To Do list, at the top of which was editing a whole heap of photos. I got that done, and managed to fix up a couple of posts, but I forgot to hit "Publish"! Oh well. I didn't get as much social networking done as I'd wanted, as we had someone come round to the house to fix our aircon system.

I won a giveaway over Christmas and I received my goods!
Tuesday, January 10th || What a day! It was so hot overnight that I couldn't sleep, so by 4am I decided to just stay up and maybe nap at lunchtime. As it happened, I passed out at 7.30am and was forced awake at 10.30am by my phone ringing. Man oh man, was I tired! I then had to make up a shopping list and go grocery shopping -- the whole thing took three hours to do, and I was not happy. I've offered to cook tomorrow, which I hope will kind of lift my spirits a little bit!

Wednesday, January 11th || I feel like I didn't achieve very much today! I wasn't exactly feeling 100% great, and it turned into light nausea by the afternoon. I don't know what's causing it -- perhaps all the yoghurt I've been eating lately? I had a nap around noon. I love napping, honestly, but I get so mad when I do because then I feel like I've wasted time, which I do not love. I crocheted a little bit, and I decided to make "American-style" burgers for dinner. What. A. Failure. They tasted good, but they fell apart. Le sigh.

A delicious, delicious fail.
Thursday, January 12th || Today I woke up at 5am, made breakfast for myself at 7, and then promptly went back to sleep for a few hours. It was another one of those days where I didn't achieve a great number of things but was still productive. The weather is beginning to turn; it was nice enough, sunny and all, but not hot by any means. My family ordered pizza for dinner while I went to work -- which is odd, because I thought my brother was supposed to be cooking? Also, I did a bad thing: I ordered the Violet Voss Ride or Die eyeshadow palette. $140. Sheeeeez.

I did a bad thing.
Friday, January 13th || Went to the doctor today! That sounds so much more exciting than it was, but the doctor gave me some medicine for some reflux I've had lately. I also found out that some stickers I ordered from Black Wombat AU on Etsy had arrived yesterday, so I spent today putting them into my diary! The stickers I ordered were for public holidays, as well as school term weeks -- just cute, handy stickers to have!

Cute, adorable planner stickers!
Saturday, January 14th || Today I was meant to prepare for an interview that I have next week. I did a little preparation, but then I went back to what seems to be a favourite past time lately -- napping. I also started watching A Series of Unfortunate Events with my family. I've enjoyed it so far; I was worried that Neil Patrick Harris wouldn't make for a convincing Count Olaf, but he's done a decent job.

Sunday, January 15th || Work again today! Had my regular long shift, and afterwards I got to see my grandparents -- always nice -- and then I began preparing for my interview tomorrow. I'm not sure that I did as much as I should have. There is only so much I can do, considering that I've only had one interview in the past. Even if I don't get this job, however, I still have work lined up for me once the school year starts, so there's plenty for me to be thankful for.

Actual photo of me checking my bank account after the events of this week.
Source: Kanahei Account phone app.
That's all that I got up to in the last week! I want to know: What was the tastiest thing you ate over the last week? Maybe it was something bought, maybe it was at a restaurant, or perhaps you made it yourself! I'm getting hungry.

This post was brought to you by a woman who has almost zero kitchen finesse.

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