Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Actual Diary Bit, Vol. 3 | 2nd Jan to 8th Jan

Monday, January 2nd || What a way to kick off the new year!! I decided at 12.30am that it would be a great idea to look for some stickers on Etsy for my planner -- and I kept browsing and adding stuff to my cart until almost 5am. I knew it was time to shut the laptop and go to sleep when I heard my brother's work alarm go off. It was also Mama Bear's birthday today, so my stepdad cooked everyone a nice breakfast and we all gave our gifts to her throughout the day. I bought her a few Korean skincare items that I recently introduced her to -- essence and sheet masks -- from a Korean beauty shop in the city, as well as a Sephora voucher. Mama Bear tried her first sheet mask yesterday, and I'm so glad that she enjoyed it -- although, if she hadn't, I just would've kept the masks for myself!

My new desk calendar!
Tuesday, January 3rd || I feel like I had one of those days where I didn't do very much. I woke up with a cold, so it really slowed me down. I worked on a couple of posts for a little bit, but mostly I think I played Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on my phone. I re-downloaded it, after having played it for months and lost my save progress -- twice. First world problems, y'know?

Wednesday, January 4th || Today was another day where I achieved much without doing too much -- if that makes sense! I went out and picked up some really cheap yoghurt, did four loads of washing and folded it all, and I worked more on the blog! I'm trying to be a little more active in my writing, so that I can hopefully have a few posts banked up for when school goes back and I begin to get more work.

When you're sick, watching Pokémon YouTube videos is the way to go.
Thursday, January 5th || I made chocolate croissants for the first time today! I cheated, of course, by using ready-made puff pastry, but I experimented with different kinds of chocolate -- some were dark, some were milk, and some were Nutella! A sheet of pastry yielded about four croissants; I think I made about 40 all up! They were really delicious, but oh boy were they filling. With three brothers and a stepfather, though, I don't think they'll see the end of tomorrow. I also ordered a whole heap of stickers from Etsy to decorate my planner with!

Friday, January 6th || As predicted yesterday, only three croissants remained when I got up this morning. What in the what? Unless I'm working, Friday tends to be Library Day, where I go and hang out for a few hours to work on whatever it is that needs my attention -- today it was the blog! One of the reasons I enjoy going to the library is because it's a prime spot for Pokémon GO. The GPS can't quite pin down where I am, so I can sit at a desk for a few hours and my little avatar just walks around while it tries to find exactly where I am! I know, I know, it's cheating -- but I wanna find a Pichu, and soon, dangit!

Look at Pichu! IT'S SO CUTE! (Source.)
Saturday, January 7th || Today was a pretty relaxed day. I wrote out a job application, and went to work on a few more blog posts, and I napped -- a lot. I think I must have had three or four naps throughout the day! Not even 25 yet, and I'm already like my grandpa.

Sunday, January 8th || I had work today! It wasn't too bad, honestly; it was really hot outside but my work is always really cold, so it was pretty nice -- I wore a jumper! I started reading Jane Austen's Persuasion, which is causing me to try and work out if a Reading Challenge I found recently is worth attempting... Perhaps it is! I also made a wonderful, wonderful discovery: I discovered Pentatonix's cover of "Jolene" featuring Dolly Parton, and I love it. It's magic in my ears, I tell you!

A few of the Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection items.
That's all I got up to in the past week! I want to know: What was your greatest achievement in the last week? Perhaps you marathonned a TV show, tried a new recipe that really worked -- or maybe you just bought yourself some cool socks! Who doesn't love socks, am I right?

This post was brought to you by a woman who just really, REALLY wants a Pichu.

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