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Lip Monthly | December 2016 (The Final One)

Here it is, guys: my final Lip Monthly post ever. Granted, I've not been the best at posting about my deliveries, what with the hectic year I had last year, but as I'm pretty happy with what I received in my final bag, I may as well give a service overview too, right?

Lip Monthly: December 2016

The December bag for Lip Monthly was a deep blue with sky blue scribbly stars smattered across it. To me, it kind of gives the impression of a wintery cold evening, which fits with US weather at the moment. It has a kind of plastic-y scent, and the product card was kind of stuck to the inside, but that's been pretty typical of the last few bags I've received.

Lip Monthly December 2016

Inside the December bag was:

  • City Color Cosmetics Lip Gloss with Argan Oil - "Girl Next Door" || This looks like a peachy nude gloss which may contain just the slightest amount of shimmer in it. I think it's a great shade for both summer and winter.
  • Cougar Beauty Mineral Lipstick - "Sangria" || What looks like a deeper mulberry-toned lipstick, it's actually more of a raspberry that I think a lot of people with different skin tones will find wearable. This type of shade is a typical choice for the spring, but I'll probably wear it all year round. It seems you can't buy these lipsticks individually, but in a full set of 5 shades.
  • Crazy Rumours Hibiskiss - "Tropical" || I kind of don't know what to make of this! To me, it's your standard lip balm, but it's marketed as a "lip colour" -- and one that's hibiscus flavoured at that. When was the last time someone ate a hibiscus? If Google is to be believed, it's eaten quite often in China and India, so surely it's gotta be tasty. It has a bit of a medicinal scent that I find off-putting, like whenever I receive anything "cherry flavoured", but it doesn't linger on the lips.
  • Chapstick Total Hydration Conditioning Lip Scrub || Make no bones about it, I love Chapstick. Other than Maybelline Baby Lips, I have not found a more reliable lip balm on the market. I'm particularly excited about this lip scrub because my lips do like to dry out if I don't have a balm handy, even in the summertime -- and it's peppermint flavoured, which I cannot get enough of!
Lip Monthly December 2016 swatches

Price: $12.95 US
Lip Monthly Bag Value: $25.57 US

Overall, I'm happy with December's bag. This was the first month where all the products I received were lip products -- there's usually one that marketed as being lip and/or blush item, typically -- so it makes me a happy camper. Checking out their Facebook page, apparently they had some issues with this bag where they had to change products quickly; perhaps that explains why the bag value is so low, as in the past they've been worth twice as much.

Lip Monthly December 2016 products

Service Overview
From memory, I think September's bag was the only one that left me feeling unhappy; excepting that month, I've been really happy with everything I've received! The December 2016 is, however, my last Lip Monthly bag. I received a twelve month subscription for Christmas in 2015, and I chose not to receive another. While I have really enjoyed Lip Monthly and the products I've received, I have an insane number of lip products now -- I really don't need more! Being in Australia, the bags usually got their way to my towards the end of the month; this one made it to me just after New Year's.

If you're a hoarder lover of lip products like me, Lip Monthly is a fantastic service and you'll love it. If you're getting into makeup and want to build your lip collection, or if, like me, you live in Australia and want to get your paws on a few different brands, it's also for you. There are so many brands out there that I didn't know existed, and it's been fun trying them out!

Do you have any beauty box subscriptions? Are there any you're thinking of trying out? Let me know!

This post was brought to you by a woman who has over 300 lip products. Seriously, it's a problem.

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