Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Product Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

There's a bit of a funny story that goes with this post. I was contacted by Erin from Jamberry Nails* a few months ago, asking if I'd like to try out their product. I was obviously interested, as my nails are naturally really gross and I'll try anything that will make them look pretty. The aim was to have this post all done by the start of October, just in time for the official release of Jamberry in Australia.

That didn't exactly happen.

There's obviously a problem with my PO box, because Erin's package was sent back to her after about three weeks of being in limbo. I'm not impressed, as renting out a PO box isn't exactly cheap and this issue did not turn out to be a one-off. Several people have tried to mail me things to the PO box address, only to have it returned.

So yeah, really unimpressed.

But, the silver lining is that I did eventually get my little package from Erin, and that's what today's post is all about!

Jamberry is a company that is best known for its nail wraps. They have nail polish and the like, but it's the nail wraps that are seriously worth getting excited about. These wraps come in a variety of styles and finishes -- from glossy to satin, animal prints to chic monochromatic patterns, they've got a huge range. The website is pre-set to show the bestselling products, but you can easily narrow down your preferences to browse whatever suits your tastes best.

I was sent a full sheet of nail wraps, a couple of samples, a wooden cuticle stick, a purple cuticle stick, a nail prep wipe and a nail file. I didn't know which patterns I was getting sent, I didn't pick them at all -- but, as it turns out, Erin has some great taste!

I received a full sheet of nail wraps in the pattern called Carmen Ombre, a super neat pattern of white flowers and leaves over a pink/peach ombre -- perfect for summer or what? The sample nail wraps appear to be randomised, as other posts that I've seen showcase different patterns.

Top to Bottom: Rosy Quatrefoil | Caribbean Snakeskin | Faded Bouquet | Prep School | Island Energy
Top to Bottom: Smitten | (unknown - similar) | White Stripe | (unknown - nothing similar) | Black and White Tiger

Now, I've used nail wraps before -- one or two drugstore brands used to have them, and once they were discontinued and marked down, I bought them and tried them out to see what they were like. They were super easy to apply, but overall, I just didn't like them.

The Jamberry nail wraps are different. They're more cumbersome to apply, especially if you don't have their mini heater, but it's still rather straightforward and the results they promise are much, much better.

The recommended process for best application is to remove any product and then wash your hands in warm, soapy water. After your hands are completely dry, you wipe them with one of their alcohol wipes to remove any residual traces. What I noticed about these wipes is that they don't have a strong alcohol scent -- it's there, but it's faint -- it smells more of something else that I can't quite put my finger on... Vanilla bean, I think.

From there, you buff and file your nails, push your cuticles with the wooden cuticle stick, then lift the nail wrap from the sheet. The instructions say to select a nail wrap that is slightly smaller than your actual nail, as having it touching the skin or cuticle can affect its wear time. I used the point end of the wooden cuticle stick to life the wrap, as Jamberry discourages using your hands, lest the natural oils in our fingers interfere with the adhesive.

Then, using either their own mini heater or your own hairdryer, you need to heat the wrap for 3 to 5 seconds. I barely know how to use a hairdryer, and I hardly know if it's as hot as the heater gets, so I held it for a second or two longer; other online reviews have said that using the heater is much, much quieter. The next step is to apply the wrap to the nail, smooth it down with the purple cuticle, heat it again for another 3 to 5 seconds, then trim it and file the edges off.

So yes, more time-consuming than your average nail wraps to prepare, but it probably took me about the same time as if I'd painted my nails -- maybe less. I found it slightly tricky at times to apply, and I was never quite successful at getting a completely smooth application. It will take something of a learning curve, however, you can't really tell unless you're looking at them up close.

Before: Ugly hands
One of my favourite things about the nail wraps is that they're on a sheet of clear plastic, which makes sizing them really easy. The size range on the sheet is also quite wide, so you should be able to find the right wrap size no matter how big or small your hands are -- or, y'know, you could put them on your toes if you were so inclined!

After: Ugly hands with pretty nails!
Cost Outline:
  • Full sheet of wraps: $22
  • Postage: $9.95 (appears to be a flat rate)
  • Mini heater: $27
  • Application kit (includes wipes, cuticle sticks, etc.): $18, or $29 with a bottle of Cuticle Oil included
One thing that I do find slightly disappointing is that it appears that you can't buy the alcohol wipes on their own, say in a pack of 5 or 10. One sheet of nail wraps will give me two manicures easily -- perhaps a pedicure as well -- so if I were to purchase several sheets as well as an application kit, the two wipes that are included wouldn't cut it. Perhaps you could just use a varnish remover instead, but as I haven't done so myself, I can't vouch that application will be as good.

Wearing Carmen Ombre with Faded Bouquet as an accent.
Other than that, so far I have been quite impressed with these nail wraps from Jamberry! I'm quite rough with my hands, so nail polish always chips or peels on me within 24 hours -- it's a nice change to have such pretty nails that still look pretty day after day! I think I would need to keep using them in order to master application, but that's not something I would mind doing, given the time.

Padawan Product Rating: A

Overall, if you want something that can combine a manicure with a heightened sense of pampering and 'me-time', these will be for you. If you want something a little quicker, if you don't want to fork out for the mini heater, or if you really can't be bothered breaking out a hair dryer, you might want to have a think about whether this product is for you.

And if you're interested in some of my personal picks, have a peek at these:
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Have you tried Jamberry nail wraps before? Do you have a favourite pattern?

This product was sent to me free of charge for my honest consideration. It's been reviewed in accordance with my Disclaimer Policy, because life's short and I have better things to do with my time than make stuff up.


  1. Great review! I've never tried nail wraps, but these ones definitely sound like they're worth a try! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. They're worth the time it takes, that's for sure! :)

  2. Nice review, I'd love to try out their product in the future, they look really interesting :)
    xo, Jessie | Bear and Berries | my YSL giveaway

    1. Thank you! They've got loads of gorgeous designs.

  3. Wow what an in depth review! Well done lovely. I have seen these popping up everywhere.. Glad to hear you had some luck :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Well I figure it's best to go hard or go home, right? XD Thank you! xx

  4. These wraps are so pretty, and they look great! I hope your PO Box gets sorted soon :) xx