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Product Review: Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette

Too Faced knows how to sell a palette. They get a handful or two or pretty colours, give them delicious names and then place them in packaging so adorable that you literally develop heart eyes the moment promotional photos surface on Instagram. I knew the moment I first saw this palette that it would be something I'd want to add to my collection, but I held off buying it for a long time. Too Faced like to release the odd limited edition palette every now and then, but the quality hasn't always been there.

Never buy a palette if the quality isn't there. You don't need to blow your money like that.

The Too Faced Sugar Pop palette comes in a really cute cardboard packaging showing pastel-toned macarons alongside a couple of vibrant brown and hot pink macarons. The metal-cased palette inside shows the same pattern with a gold frame edge, provoking your brain to emit girly squeals as your inner 12-year-old gazes upon the cosmetic equivalent of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

The casing, when you open up the palette, is a nice dark chocolate-brown. The mirror is covered by the usual Glamour Guide that Too Faced includes with all of its palettes, which pops in and out easily. The shades themselves are organised into three categories that coincide with the looks given in the Glamour Guide: Sweet & Spicy, Sugar Plums and Candy Coated.

You notice how that almost-sickening hot pink shade is right next to that vivid turquoise blue? Yes, they do want you to put those shades on your eyeball at the same time. Yes, it looks terrifying -- but we'll get to that.

Let's get to some swaaatcheees!

Rock Candy || This is a deep cream colour with gold shimmer. A single one-swipe swatch doesn't really show on my skin, but it makes a very nice albeit very subtle highlight across the browbone to clean up your eye look.

Macaron || Macaron is a kind of warm, brown-based, shimmery terracotta coral. It applies with a decent amount of pigmentation that doesn't translate well based on my swatch, but you can also build it up so that you get a stronger colour -- the shimmer, however, doesn't really come through for me. This shade lasted very for quite awhile on my lid, especially when I put it on top of a primer or a white base, and does really well as a transition shade too.

Malted Milk Ball || A metallic light chocolate brown with gold sparkle, the Glamour Guide suggests that this be a transition shade. It works really well for that -- though you may want to start out with a light hand, so you can build up the intensity to a strength that you like. The shimmer translates well onto the lid, and lasts a while too.

Strawberry Ice || A soft, slightly metallic, icy, cool-toned lavender pink, Too Faced recommends this shade as a browbone highlight, but I'm not sure that I'd use it for that. There's enough pigmentation with a light application that the purple tint might look a little strange. I don't think that I would use this for an all-over lid shade either, though -- probably just to highlight the inner corner and the centre of my lid.

Sugared Violet || A dark, smoky metallic purple with purple and blue sparkle, you could think of Sugared Violette as a better, more purple Candied Violet (from the original Chocolate Bar palette). Like a lot of the other shades so far, it applies well to the lid, and you can build up the pigmentation to an intensity that suits you. This lasted a good five or six hours on me generally, but only three or four if my eyelids are producing oil like a company wants to bottle it.

Blackberry || This is the only matte shade in the palette. Yep, the only one.  It's a darkened, brown-based maroon-ish plum, and feels soft and creamy to the touch. However, it swatches chalky and of all the shades in this palette, this fades the quickest. I recommend using a tacky white base first if you want to use this on your lid, such as the NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk". That being said, this shade is amazing as a crease colour -- but beware! Because it is so soft, it's easy to pick up too much product and make yourself look like you've been in a bar fight, so make sure that you go niiice and easy with your brush.

Peach Fuzz || This shade is a light yellow peach shade with fine yellow-gold shimmer. Like Rock Candy, this doesn't show up too much on my skin, though it does show better than the former. The shimmer shows up a little more, too, but it's not super sparkly.

Bubblegum || A shocking hot pink with silvery shimmer, it really is scary to think about wearing this anywhere on the eye. Here's the thing, though: it's only scary if you don't match it with the right colours -- and none of the colours in here are wrong. If you want to follow the Glamour Guide and put this shade into your crease: Nike that shiz. Just do it. It isn't crazy pigmented, so you can easily start off with a light hand and then build it up if you feel the need to go full Legally Blonde.

Blue Raspberry || Arguably the most interesting shade in this palette, I expected this shade to be a dud -- after all, most of the exciting ones are! It's a slightly metallic turquoise blue that just... Look, if it isn't the sole reason for you to buy this palette, then I don't know why you'd buy this palette at all. Over a tacky, white base, this shade sings and it keeps on singing for about six hours or so.

"But how on earth can you wear pink and blue like that?" you ask.

It's actually surprisingly wearable, if you're willing to give it a crack. If people question you about it and you feel nervous, you can always say that you're practicing 80s makeup, right? The other great thing about this palette is that the colours mix and match really well, too. I can look at it and easily pair Blue Raspberry with Sugared Violet, or use Macaron with Blackberry and Bubblegum. You can create some really inventive, unique looks and it's easy to do so!

Padawan Product Rating: A

Overall, I think this palette is a fun little addition to have. If you have all of the shades in some shape or form from other eye shadow palettes, you could skip it, but I don't think it's the kind that you'd regret purchasing either. The Glamour Guide actually works pretty well, though I do add additional steps of my own because for me I find that they don't always hold up well without them. Use a brown liner on your lower lashline for Sweet & Spicy, purple liner and mascara for Sugar Plums, and do that bold black cat-eye for Candy Coated.

Do you have this palette? Which of these shades is your favourite? Let me know!

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