Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Product Review: Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes

How cool are false lashes? I have to admit, the idea of gluing something to my eyelid used to terrify as much as mascara and eyeliner did back in my teens, but now I'm all, "Hello, fluttery friends! We meet again!" The lashes I normally use are by Napoleon Perdis -- I deliberately went with high end because I was worried about the glue reacting with my skin, and I thought that this would be less likely to happen with a more expensive product. It went well, etc. etc., and it leads me to this post.

I found these Katy Perry by Eylure lashes in the style "Darling" reduced to clear for $6 at Woolies -- I think they're normally about twice that much, so I decided to give them a go. I'd bought Eylure lashes in the past for my best friend, and as she went well with them, I thought these would work nicely.

Photo from the Eylure website.
The "Darling" lashes alternate between thick and thin lashes with kind of tapered, pointed ends. They add a nice amount of accentuated drama without being over-the-top. They have an adhesive band that generally adheres well, although a little more pressure might need to be applied to the edges to make sure they stick down. They are also comfortable to wear and easy to take off.


The instructions advise you to apply your false lashes before you do your eye makeup. I don't know about Beauty Yodas, but as a Padawan, I find it to not be within my skill set. It's clear to me: shadow, liner, mascara, lashes -- and I thought that was how everybody did it, but apparently not. The first time I used them, I applied them over the top of eye shadow, as I have with my Napoleon lashes, and I ran into a problem.

In typical Padawan style, I accidentally semi-stabbed myself in the eye with my mascara wand. The pain for that is nothing -- and it's never damaged my eye -- but after a few minutes my eye started to water, as a natural way of flushing out the product. I don't know if this was a freak accident or if the glue is water soluble, but the lashes started to come away from my eye! It was very disappointing and I found it very difficult to re-adhere to my lashline, even after my eye had dried. I ended up taking both of them off not long later because they were annoying to wear.

My next problem then occurred when I went to replace the adhesive band. My some stroke of bad luck, one of the strips got stuck to the outside packaging and although I was really gentle, it broke when I tried to pull it off. Yay, no way to wear my lashes! The instructions also weren't entirely clear on how to replace the band -- it says to push the lash into the band and then gently pull it out -- however, it doesn't say whether you're supposed to take the original adhesive band off. I didn't take it off and unfortunately that made this set of lashes easier to see as fake. That being said, it is still comfortable to wear, it lasted all day and you couldn't tell that it looked weird unless you were staring at your eyes up close in the mirror.

I put some lash glue on the other lashes to see how that would go, and it's worn well. At first it seemed to be just slightly irritating, but that disappeared pretty quickly and there weren't any physical reactions.

All in all, I like the product and I think it's generally good for Beauty Padawans who are worried about using lash glue. That being said, I was disappointed by it's apparent lack of uses and I'm not sure I would've been happy paying full price for it. I felt like they gave my eyes a wide doll-eyed look, which was kinda cute -- I could totally see why Katy Perry would go for a style like this -- but as I wasn't happy with how they sat in general, I didn't take any photos of myself wearing them, as can clearly be seen (or not).

Comparable styles: 1000Hour Fashion Lashes -- "Pin Up" ($8.95); 1000Hour Fashion Lashes -- "Wild Damsel" ($8.95);  Kardashian Beauty Faux Lashes -- "Scintillate" ($11.95); NP Set Lashes -- "Auckland" ($12.00); Chi Chi Lashes -- "Power Lashes" (12.95); Kit Cosmetics False Eyelashes -- "Cheeky Wink" ($17.95); Napoleon Perdis Lashes -- "Solandra" ($18.00); Napoleon Perdis Lashes -- "Violet" ($24.00).

Padawan Product Rating: B-

Have you tried these lashes before?

Sarah xo


  1. I kind of get why they would say to apply it before the rest of your makeup, since they'd probably stick better to bare skin than to powder or liner...but I never understood self-adhering lashes. I guess they're quicker than regular false lashes but waiting for glue to dry doesn't take THAT long!

    1. Yes, I was thinking that as well, especially if a powder product dissolves when it contact with water (or tears if you stab yourself in the eye). I don't think I'll be going back to self-adhesive lashes anytime soon.