Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Actual Diary Bit, Vol. 1 | 11th July to 17th July

How's it going, gorgeous people? I worked a lot, I Pokémoned a lot (is "Pokémonning" an acceptable a word yet?), but other than that, I wasn't as productive as I probably should've been. Even so, this is how my last week went!

Tonkotsu ramen. My new favourite dish.
Monday, 11th July || Worked another 8-hour shift today. I'm not used to working so often! I'm getting so tired from it, which isn't really a bad thing, but I do need to start getting stuff together for my Japan trip. It's only three weeks away! Finished watching Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City on Netflix -- I want part two, darn it! I don't always understand the references they make, but I really enjoy it.

Tuesday, 12th July || Busy day today. Had my second vaccination for Japanese encephalitis. Underwent my typical reaction. Had Japanese for lunch with the mama bear -- so delicious! Finished watching a K-drama called To Be Continued, which I hadn't been super keen on in the start. Kinda wasn't in the mood for all the singing that goes on. Also went over to a friend's house for her birthday, as I can't go away to Torquay with them later in the week. Ate pizza, and chatted to some really great people.

How cute are these?! Naturally, I want them all.
Wednesday, 13th July || One of the few days I've had lately where I don't have to go out or do anything! I HAVE MISSED MY PYJAMA DAY LIFESTYLE. I tell you what, when I get proper full-time work, I think I'm just going to exist in PJs on the weekends, especially when it's cold like this. I made instant pasta for lunch and burned it like an idiot. Only me, I tell you, only me. Started watching Offspring from the start. Yes, I love TV, don't judge. AND MY NEW PHONE ARRIVED!

Thursday, 14th July || Planned to spend my day doing very little, but ended up spending over an hour with Mum playing Pokémon Go. Worked a short shift, found out I was rostered for an extra shift next Tuesday! Tried to put music onto my phone but it doesn't want to work. Haven't figured out why.

When you're not welcome.
Friday, 15th July || Planned to spend the day doing mostly nothing -- and by nothing, I mean catching Pokémon with Mama Bear for about an hour, and then doing a little light Japanese study whilst watching something. What I ended up doing was ditching Mama Bear for my friend Jo-Anna to go Pokémon hunting in the city. I did feel guilty for leaving Mama Bear behind, but I did end up having a lot of fun. Had Japanese at my favourite restaurant, bought a little Korean skincare (lusted after the rest), went to Daiso, and walked all over the Melbourne CBD to locate a Ponyta that never revealed itself. What a day!

The cutest Daiso haul!
Saturday, 16th July || Worked an early morning shift, huzzah! It was actually really nice to finish work just after lunch, as my most recent shifts finished quite late, or took up most of my day. That being said, I don't think I achieved very much afterwards. I was pretty tired, so I napped. I did a little Japanese study. Jeez, it really sounds like I do nothing!

Sunday, 17th July || Another long day at work! That was pretty much my entire Sunday. Not that much to it afterwards! My feet were dead tired, though. When I came home I sat on my bed and listened to a whole bunch of podcasts. I also started making a list of things I have to do before I leave for my trip. I really need clothes -- and I know that everyone says that, but literally, I need clothes. I have one pair of actual pants and they're starting to tear. I need new pants, and I need jeans.

She said it would taste like an apple pie AND BY GEORGE IT DID.
That was my week last week! What did you get up to? Let me know!

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