Thursday, 27 March 2014

One Reason to Love Mecca

There are just so many reasons to love Mecca Cosmetica and its parent company, Kit Cosmetics. I'm sure that everyone who's been there would say that it's because of the high-end American cosmetics that you can purchase there, such as Too Faced or NARS, which are otherwise largely unavailable in Australia. Then there's the super-friendly service -- every counter saleswoman I've encountered has been very friendly and incredibly helpful (even if the one at Mecca was just a tooouch scary!).

I made my first purchase at Mecca on Monday (I have a haul post in the works!) and the woman who served me signed me up to the Beauty Loop program. Like a good little customer, I signed up online right away and was driven to complete my "Beauty Profile", where you are asked a number of questions about your skin and hair -- the coolest part is, they use this information to create your "Ultimate Beauty Edit", which suggests products tailored to your needs!

I must admit, being a Beauty Padawan, I ran into several problems when completing the questionnaire.

Is my skin classified as oily or combination? I picked the latter initially, as sometimes my skin can start to dry and flake in places, particularly in between my brows; however, I changed it, as I don't know that it necessitates being classified as "combination". I can't lie, this kind of thing confuses me.

Eye colour is easy, and hair colour is a cinch, but what about my skin type?

Is it medium? Olive? I selected medium, as, although I'm half-Maltese, I don't think I completely inherited the darker skin. Let me tell you, this certainly took some consideration -- this is why I don't pick foundation shades for myself! Always trust the makeup artist to make the right choice (after all, they of all people should be able to find a match, right?), and if it looks good then you've found your foundation.

The rest of the questions were quite easy to answer -- after all, even if you're unsure about your skin tone or type, you probably know what you ultimately want out of it, whether that's fewer breakouts or oil control.

But back to the coolest part.

I love that Mecca Cosmetica have a selection of beauty products suggested for your beauty needs. It certainly helps to clear the air if you're unsure about what might work for you. Of course, these brands are on the higher-end of the scale but if you love the luxury... why not?

Here are a few suggestions made to me on my own Ultimate Beauty Edit:

Who else thinks of Lumpy Space Princess when they hear the phrase "luscious lips"? No one? Just me? Okay then.


As if that wasn't already pretty sweet, these suggestions change every time you access your Ultimate Beauty Edit, so as to showcase the numerous number of products that Mecca Cosmetica. One thing I've noticed is that Bumble and Bumble seemed to be a constant suggestion as far as hair care is concerned. I think that this is might be because Mecca Cosmetica don't have a large variety of hair care brands, but that's something I have to look into another time.

Are you a member of Mecca's Beauty Loop? What are some of your Ultimate Beauty Edit suggestions?

Sarah xo

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