Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Beauty Padawan: October Round-up 2014

While I can't manage the tremendous effort that other guys and girls put in to post every day -- or, heck, even on a regular schedule -- I do try my best to write as often as I can. I thought it might be cool to do a monthly round-up of all of my posts, so that not only can I gather up all my posts into one post for slightly easier referencing, but so that you too can quickly skim the happenings of this blog over the previous month!

And what a month October has been! It's been jam-packed full of birthdays, outings, and, of course, the bane of my existence which I lovingly refer to as tertiary education. On the blog, I kicked off October with a special edition haul -- the Australian Women's Weekly Showbag bought for me by my brother at the Royal Melbourne Show this year. It was full of magazines, snacks and other goodies that made it the genie's lamp of all showbags. Joffrey Baratheon himself would probably wage war to get his hands on it for Cersei.

Up next was a marginally belated favourites post for the month of September. It showcased the face products, brushes, eye shadows and many, many lip products that I loved using, as well as featuring my dearly departed kitten, Claflin, for the last time. (You can check this out if you're curious for more details.)

I then, after many months of battling the Sith Lords that tried to prevent my research (see also: university assignments and a lack of funds), I finally managed to complete my "tutorial-ish" post on how to get Keira Knightley's look from the August cover of Marie Claire Australia. Blue mascara has since become one of my favourite things.

Going in for something a little different, I listed my Top 5 Guilty Pleasure TV Shows. You know the ones: you quickly delete the recorded episodes from your TV and you stash the DVDs in an empty shoebox when friends come over, but they are shows that bring some form of enjoyment to your world.

The spring edit of the first-ever Parcel by Marie Claire then arrived, and I naturally had to write up an unboxing post! It was full of stuff that was absolutely amazing to try out, from brands such as LancĂ´me, Benefit and Revlon! Colour me impressed.

Following that, I (perhaps unwisely) began the 12 Day Blogger Challenge set up by Amy from Style Storms. Day 1 began with detailing why I blog, as well as five random facts about myself. Day 2 saw a long overdue product review on Rimmel's Wonder'full mascara. Day 3 had my quote of the day -- something seemingly superficial but with a deeper meaning to be gleamed. The next day was a challenge: narrowing my list of favourite movies to just five! Day 6 was, by comparison, much easier, as it was about my most treasured possessions and I immediately knew what those were. If you were interested in what I was currently reading, Day 7's post would be for you, although you may find yourself somewhat surprised by what I was flicking through. Day 8, which marked completely two-thirds of the challenge, was supposed to carry a seasonal theme -- so I did a "tutorial-ish" on my current favourite springtime look! (I also went kinda nuts with trying it with different lipsticks).

My final post for October was for Day 9 of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge, and it contained a list of shoes that I would love to own. Knowing substantially less about fashion than I do about makeup, I didn't have a great deal to say, but then you may just enjoy looking at the pictures!

That's it for my first-ever October round-up! November is currently something of a rough month with all of the university work that I have to put up with, so the 12 Day Blogger Challenge is currently on hold until it's finished. Stay tuned, however, because once I start getting them up again, I should -- fingers crossed -- have a couple of interesting hauls and product reviews to start smashing out, not unlike Tony Stark with his hundred different Iron Man suits.

What did you get up to in October?

Sarah xo

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